Tactile-Audio Interaction System(TAIS) is a new multidimensional approach in art and culture that excites and enhances mental image building for the visually impaired.

TAIS is also an interactive platform that enable the visually impaired to understand and engage visual information through touching and hearing with the integration of tactile painting and audio description.

Carefully contoured the visual elements and information with raised lines to first depict the general figure accompanied by audio description activated upon sensitive fingers of the visually impaired. TAIS presentations provide a multidimensional perspective of a painting, photograph; graphic, architecture and scenery even to those with compromised vision.


TAIS 也是一個互動平台,透過融合觸感圖和口述影像,讓視障用家通過觸感和聽覺,接收並理解視覺資訊。

運用凸線,細緻地勾勒出視覺元素和資訊;當視障人士按下按鈕,便可啟動口述影像功能。兩者互相配合下,便能描繪出藝術品的基本輪廓。TAIS 之呈現方式能為畫像、照片、圖像、建築及風景注入了多從感官的體驗,惠及健視和視覺有所缺憾的朋友。