Art and culture enhance every part of our lives. They bring us joy, and help us make sense of the past, understand the changes of our society; to engage our own experiences and; to connect and empathise with others.

We believe that art and culture make life better, help to build diverse communities and improve our quality of life. Accessible to art and culture can inspire our education system, boost our economy and give our nation international standing.

Museums, galleries, historical venues and touristy spots are filled with wisdom, beauty and thoughts. We want to encourage equal access and participation for the visually impaired and elderly with low vision. We can prove that it is possible to enhance the art and culture experience even without the ability of vision.


Tactile-Audio Interaction System(TAIS) is a new multidimensional approach in art and culture that excites and enhances mental image building for the visually impaired.

TAIS is an interactive platform that enable the visually impaired to understand and engage visual information through touching and hearing with the integration of tactile painting and audio description.

Carefully contoured the visual elements and information with raised lines to first depict the general figure accompanied audio description activated upon sensitive fingers of the visually impaired. TAIS presentations provide a multidimensional perspective of a painting, photograph; graphic, architecture and scenery even to those with compromised vision.


Please come back and see our pilot testing result later.


BEYOND VISION PROJECTS (BVP) provides services on accessibility consultation, assistive devices/tool development, products and merchandises services with the integration of Tactile-Audio Interaction System (TAIS);

Major potential sectors:

  1. Art & Cultural Sector – Museums, Historical Venues and Heritage Sites and etc.
  2. Travel & Tourism Sector – Hong Kong International Airport, tourist information centres, tourist attractions, hotels, amusement parks and etc.
  3. Retails Industry – Shopping malls in Hong Kong.
  4. Training –Tactile Painting Making Workshop,  Audio Description Workshop; Tactile-Audio Description Interaction System Workshop.

Apart from improving the inclusivity, accessibility and diversity for the visually impaired and low visions; we also help to promote and to project Hong Kong as a highly inclusive environment and barrier-free access metropolitan city internationally, which potentially impact the economy and the tourism.