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【Touch-able Hong Kong – NOW AVAILABLE IN STORE 觸得到的香港 – 現正有售】

In the past few years, we have been receiving a lot of requests asking whether it’s possible to buy our beautiful and meaningful tactile artwork. It’s exciting to tell you that our FIRST-EVER merchandise, the “Touch-able Hong Kong” poster is now available in stores. One of the first in our city series, we feature our beloved #HOMEKONG!

Hong Kong is shining in gold in contrast to the black background. Buy it in the following stores or reach out to us by email (

1. Kapok – all 3 stores 全線三間分店 (Wan Chai, Central, Tsim Sha Tsui | 灣仔、中環、尖沙咀)
2. Book B – The Mills (Tsuen Wan | 荃灣)
3. Home Essentials Hong Kong Ltd. (Central | 中環)

Every product sold contributes to the development of a educational programme for the visually impaired. Everyone deserves to “SEE”!

過往幾年,我們持續收到查詢,不少人想買我們美麗且有意義的 #觸感藝術。現在BVP第一件產品”觸得到的香港”海報,終於可以在不同商店購買了! 城市系列的第一幅作品,我們揀選了心愛的 #香港



Date 日期 |Now 即日 – 2020.02.23
Time 時間|10:00 – 22:00
Venue 地點|The Mills 南豐紗廠

BVP 十分榮幸能成為2019年香港城市\建築雙年展其中一個參展團隊。 今次展覽我們特別採用 #全黑色 背景和線條,展出一系列具代表性的 #地標、視覺元素和物件,如:#維港#南豐紗廠#舊終審法院,以勾勒出我們在香港生活的輪廓。我們的「觸感—聽覺」互動系統 (#TAIS) ,讓視障和健視人士都能透過觸摸丶聆聽來感受自己的城市,發掘更多平時留意不到的細節。


We are honoured to be one of the exhibitors at the 2019 HK Biennale of Urbanism\Architecture.

This time we used #allblack background and lines to show a series of iconic landmark, visual elements and object. For example, the Victoria Harbour, The Mills and the Old Supreme Court. This is to outline our livelihood in Hong Kong. Our Tactile-Audio Interaction System (TAIS) enables visually impaired and sighted community to feel our city by touching and hearing to discover details that we often overlook.

We believe our city is for everyone. Art and culture is a medium to inspire and connect us to ourselves and the world. Come visit us!

Our partnership with Asian Art Museum in San Francisco, US


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