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Beyond Vision Month 超越視覺月

The first ever “Beyond Vision Month – Connect Through Multisensory Experiences” is happening very soon ! Starting on the International White Cane Day (October 15), we are pleased to announce a month packed full of exhibitions, workshops and activities across Hong Kong and even in Shenzhen! Harnessing the power of our community, we aim to not only make our city a more welcoming one for the visually impaired, but also send a message to the general public that everybody has the ability to help, a small gesture can make a big impact! We are sincerely grateful for all the sponsors and collaborating partners, and we are inviting you to join us too! 

首屆的「超越視覺-多感官體驗 聯繫你我他」即將在國際白杖日(10月15日)揭開序幕!我們在全港多區以至深圳為大家呈獻滿滿一個月的豐富節目,包括:展覽、工作坊、特色活動。集合社區的力量,我們不但希望把香港締造成更視障友好的城市,更期盼向大眾傳達一個信息:每個人都有幫助別人的能力,小小的舉動也能引發大大的效應!我們由衷感激所有贊助商和合作夥伴的參與,而我們也誠意邀請每一個你們加入這個運動吧!