An upcoming project of BEYOND VISION PROJECTS (BVP); the people and voices that you familiar with; to describe their favorite works of art and culture, architecture, and city landmarks. Hear politicians, actors, artists, business and community leaders use verbal description to make the city that you live in accessible to all—including people with visual impairments.

It is a way of using words to represent the visual world. It helps people who are blind or visually impaired to form mental images of what they cannot see, and provides a new perspective for people with sight.

We are opened to all potential collaborations with any organizations. Do not hesitate to contact us!





The Rotunda, Exchange Square, Central
20/3 – 8/4/2018
10am – 7pm

Located in the heart of Hong Kong, Central has always been a core part of the city, embracing a rich history and leading the foremost development at the same time. This exhibition is empowered the latest visual accessibility technology, engaging different senses and allowing a wider spectrum of the community to appreciate the beauty of Central and its iconic structures from diverse perspectives. It is about the liberating power of creative arts in action.


Iconic buildings and landmarks in Central

Footbridges that give great connectivity to buildings in the district

Old Supreme Court Building

8 Jackson Road | 昃臣道8號

Exchange Square

8 Connaught Place | 康樂廣場8號