Beyond Nature Project FAQ 敢「觸」自然 – 常見問題

COVID response BVP and WWF Hong Kong will follow strictly on the HKSAR government laws and regulations on COVID-19. In case of tours, masks are mandatory and social distancing will be ensured along the tour. 因應新冠肺炎疫情,BVP和WWF Hong Kong將嚴格遵從香港特區政府的規定。導賞團進行時,請參加者務必戴上口罩,組與組之間會確保有足夠的社交距離。 Who can join

Eco-Tours Description 生態導賞團簡介

Beyond Nature Project brings you to three different natural environment in Hong Kong to experience the diversity and richness of our mother nature!  敢「觸」自然 帶你到三個香港不同的自然景點體驗本地的生物多樣性及自然之豐富! 請按此了解生態導賞團時間表。Please click here for Eco-tours schedule! (I) Mai Po 米埔 Period: Jan-Mar, 2021 活動期間:2021年1-3月 There