Beyond Nature Project brings you to three different natural environment in Hong Kong to experience the diversity and richness of our mother nature! 

敢「觸」自然 帶你到兩個香港不同的自然景點體驗本地的生物多樣性及自然之豐富!

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(I) Mai Po 米埔

Period: Jan-Aug, 2021 活動期間:2021年1-8月

(a) Magic of Mai Po 奇幻米埔

You can understand the unique and diverse ecosystems of the Mai Po Nature Reserve and its biodiversity by guided walk through gei wai, bird hides, reed beds and rain-fed ponds. You can also encounter the rich variety of resident and migratory birds.



(II) Island House 元洲仔

Period: Apr – Aug, 2021 活動期間:2021年4-8月

The Secret House, historic coastline on the Island and English Garden on the Island

There is rich in the history of the establishment of the heritage reserve Island House and surrounding Tai Po’s monuments. Island House architectural features is also the highlight of the tour which can be experienced through a multisensory approach. After that, you will go to the coastline nearby and learn about the coastal ecology around Island House. Furthermore, you will visit the Island House Garden and learn about the native and ornamental species and the certified organic garden. After this lovely walk around the place, you will be joining a “Make your own pot plants workshop” and can take the eco-friendly plants back home.

在這個導賞活動中,參加者將遊歷這座位於大埔的標誌性法定古蹟 ─ 前新界政務司官邸(現時為「元洲仔自然環境保護研究中心」),發掘其歷史痕跡和故事,並透過多感官模式,了解其建築特色。 另外,生態導賞員亦會帶領參加者探索香港僅餘的潮間帶 ─ 吐露港,認識棲息於岩岸、紅樹林及沙岸的生物。此外,參加者也能透過參觀有機植物園,認識園內的本地及園藝植物。行程完結後,你將有機會製作小盆栽,並可以帶這生態友善的小盆栽帶回家。

Eco-Tours Description 生態導賞團簡介

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