With the integration of Tactile-Audio Interaction System (TAIS), BVP provides:

  1. TAIS Services Consultation
  2. Accessible Programme
  3. CSR and School Social Service Programme
  4. Multisensory Marketing Event and Exhibition
  5. Tactile teaching materials and bespoke products
  6. Workshop and Training

Apart from improving the inclusivity, accessibility and diversity for the visually impaired and low visions; we also help to promote and to project Hong Kong as a highly inclusive environment and barrier-free access metropolitan city internationally, which potentially impact the economy and the tourism. We have a fantastic resource of advice and guidance for a range of activities for accessibility and universal guidelines, from accessing, reviewing, recommending and implementing; on how to enhance the aspects of social inclusiveness, equality and participation for the visually impaired. 


  1. TAIS 顧問服務
  2. 無障礙計劃
  3. 企業社會責任和校園社會服務服務計劃
  4. 多元感官營銷活動和展覽
  5. 觸感學習教材和訂製產品
  6. 工作坊和培訓