【K11 MUSEA Nature Discovery Park – 大自然小先鋒計劃】

🌱我們非常榮幸能參與「大自然小先鋒計劃」在家學習課程。課程由Nature Discovery Park與聯合國和平使者Dr. Jane Goodall的珍古德協會(香港)Jane Goodall Institute, Roots & Shoots Hong Kong 攜手策劃,共同培育下一代可持續發展變革者。

🖐🏻一如以往,我們提倡 #多感官學習體驗。今次的課程加入了獨家設計的 #多感官教材 #觸感圖,讓小孩子就算在家也可以,透過指尖探索本地生物多樣性。我們讓特地加入了一張 #點字 觸感圖,讓小孩子認識 #視障 朋友的世界,建立他們的 #同理心💕
⭕️這個課程還有另一個伙伴與BVP一起提倡 #社會共融 – 語橋社資 SLCO Community Resources 。他們以語言為橋樑,在溝通、教育和社會共融等層面推廣「手語雙語」。
We got another partner to promote social inclusion in this programme – they are SLCO Community Resources.
✅Want to know more? Join now as a “Little Nature Ambassadors”:
We are honored to be part of the “Little Nature Ambassadors” home learning programme. Co-developed by Nature Discovery Park and curated in partnership with UN Peace Ambassador, Dr. Jane Goodall’s institute, this aims to nurture next generation sustainable change-maker.

🖐🏻As always, we advocate for #multisensory learning experience. This learning programme incorporated our uniquely design #multisensory learning materials #tactile learning sheets to allow children, even when they are at home, to use their fingertips exploring the local biodiversity. We have also inserted a #Braille tactile sheet, to let them understand how visually impaired interact with the world and cultivate their social empathy.

K11 MUSEA Nature Discovery Park – 大自然小先鋒計劃

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