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BVP and WWF Hong Kong will follow strictly on the HKSAR government laws and regulations on COVID-19. In case of tours, masks are mandatory and social distancing will be ensured along the tour. 
因應新冠肺炎疫情,BVP和WWF Hong Kong將嚴格遵從香港特區政府的規定。導賞團進行時,請參加者務必戴上口罩,組與組之間會確保有足夠的社交距離。

  1. Who can join the Beyond Nature Project? 誰可參與敢「觸」自然 項目?

    Our Project aims to bring the visually impaired (VI*) community to nature. VI and their companion/caretaker are welcome!
    *VI refers to visual impairment that is uncorrectable by spectacles, surgery and any other treatment.


  2. How can I join the tour? 我如何報名參與生態導賞團?

    There are two ways you can join the tour. One on individual basis; another is through our Amplifying partners. For registration details, please refer to

    現時有兩個方法可參與BVP與WWF Hong Kong合辦的生態導賞團。你可以選擇以個人身份參與或經我們的同行伙伴NGO報名。報名詳情,請參閱:

  3. When will the tours be? 生態導賞團將於甚麼時間舉行?

    Most of the tours will be on Fridays, Saturdays or Sundays. Please refer to the calendar here: You will be able to see available dates in the registration form also.


  4. Is it possible to bring my guide dog? 我可以帶導盲犬同行嗎?

    Of course you CAN! Please let us know in advance in the registration form so that we can have a better preparation.


  5. How many companions can go together with me? 我可以與多少照顧者一起參與?

    Each VI participant is welcome to come with one companion / caretaker on the tour. If you want to join on your own, BVP volunteers and staff will be there to enjoy nature with you.


  6. Are there any transportation services provided? 請問有交通服務提供嗎?

    Yes. All tours include free shuttle bus transportation. 所有導賞團均有專車接送。

    • For individual registration, details will be announced at least 2 weeks before the tour in the confirmation email or phone call.

    • For Amplifying Partners who organise private tours, shuttle buses will be arranged near the centers. BVP team will coordinate with the partners accordingly.

  7. Do I have to pay for the tour? 需要付費參與嗎?

    Not at all! All eco-tours conducted under the Beyond Nature Project are FREE to join!


  8. Are there any age limitations? 請問項目有沒有年齡限制?

    We welcome people of all ages to join our tour. Yet, the tour will be outdoor, it requires stamina to finish. Please consider your own health condition before joining.


  9. Can I volunteer for the project? 我可以成為此計劃的義工嗎?

    Sure! Please register yourselves here: . We will coordinate with our partners and try our best to engage you in the project.

    當然可以!請到以下連結登記 .

  10. Are there any limitations on the number of participants of each tour? 每團生態導賞團有人數限制嗎?

    The maximum number of participants of each tour is 20, including VI participants, volunteers / caretakers. If the tour you select is full, we will contact you and arrange another for you! 


  11. What can be expected in the tour? 如參加此項目的導賞團,我可以期待甚麼?

    BVP works with WWF Hong Kong to three natural environments to experience the diverse and richness of nature in Hong Kong. They are Mai Po, Island House and Hoi Ha Wan. Each site has its own unique features, e.g. birds, heritages, ocean. For details, please refer to our website: .

    BVP與世界自然基金會香港分會合作,舉辦三個不同的生態導賞團,讓參加者能感受多元化的香港自然美景。 三個地方分別是米埔、海下灣及元洲仔,而每個地方均有其獨特之處,如雀鳥、古蹟、海洋。 欲知更多,請瀏覽我們的網站:

  12. I want to contact BVP staff! 我想聯絡BVP的同事!

    Please email or call us at 90418236.
    電話: 90418236

Beyond Nature Project FAQ 敢「觸」自然 – 常見問題

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