The Kaleidoscope of Hong Kong 香港萬花筒

As an international city with one of the most beautiful skylines in the world, Hong Kong cultivates its multifaceted image through not only its multicultural identity but also its embracement of people with different backgrounds and abilities. To raise awareness for the visually impaired community and to celebrate diversity, this exhibition showcases artworks produced with “tactile-audio interactive system” (TAIS) designed by Beyond Vision Projects to allow everyone, sighted or non-sighted, to understand more about the iconic landmarks in Hong Kong; at the same time adding colors to the world of blindness through touch and sound. As much as colors brighten up our city, diversity enriches our community, the exhibition also features photography and artworks by the visually impaired to show the audience that they can actually “see”. 

香港,一個被譽為「東方之珠」,有著全球最美夜景之一的城市,不但薈萃了各地文化,也凝聚了不同背景和才能的人,拼湊出多元的形象。為提升對視障群體的關注和頌揚多元,這個展覽展出多個香港的著名地標,以Beyond Vision Projects 設計的「觸感聽覺互動系統」領航,讓每一個人,不論健視的抑或視障的,都能加深對它們的了解;藉著觸摸和聲音,在盲人的世界裡塗上色彩。我們的城市因顏色倍添光彩,我們的社區因多元滿載精彩,展覽更同時展示視障人士拍攝的相片和創作的藝術作品,向觀眾表達他們也能「看見」。


Exhibition Details 展覽細節

Exhibition Period
October 15, 2019 (International White Cane Day) — October 24, 2019
2019年10月15日 (國際白杖日) — 2019年10月24日
Opening Reception
October 18, 2019: 3:00pm – 6:00pm
2019年10月18日: 3:00pm – 6:00pm
Entry Fee
Exhibition Venue
L7, Fortune Metropolis, Hung Hom
The Kaleidoscope of Hong Kong 香港萬花筒

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