Nature is a living museum for all. It inspires and nurtures us. Yet, there are limited opportunities for VI to experience it. With an aim to cultivate endless possibilities for the VI community in Hong Kong, we are proud to present the Beyond Nature Project in collaboration with World Wildlife Fund Hong Kong (WWFHK) with the support from the Robert H. N. Ho Family Foundation. 

大自然就好像一個活生生的博物館,它孕育我們,令我們從中獲得靈感。可惜的是,視障群體一直較少機會接觸大自然。本著發掘視障群體無限潛能的理念,我們很高興能與世界自然基金會香港分會(WWFHK)合作,舉辦一個為期兩年的活動 – 敢「觸」自然,這項目由何鴻毅家族基金贊助。

Project Overview 項目簡介

This project is aimed to encourage and to challenge our VI friends to step out their comfort zone, to appreciate the nature with all our senses, to be inspired and to experience the endless diverse possibilities of individuals!

By using our expertise in tactile interactive teaching/learning materials, we enriched WWFHK’s tour experience by adding in multi-sensory elements. We believe sight is not the only way to see. By fingertips navigation on tactile and other sensory journeys, VIs can enjoy their first hand experience in nature.

敢「觸」自然 鼓勵視障朋友踏出安舒區,利用身體各感官去欣賞大自然。藉著新的探索機會,重新認識自己,甚至發現自己的無限可能!


3 photos in 1 banner. (1)Inside a bird hide. A tactile of Great Egret is by the side of a window. Far away in the background, there is an egret standing in brackish water.  觀鳥屋內。一張大白鷺的觸感圖靠近窗邊。一隻鷺雀站在遠方的咸淡水中。 (2)Inside a bird hide. The surrounding is dark, the only light comes from a horizontal wooden window. You can barely see there is water, green and land outside the window. A volunteer is facilitating a VI, who is sitting by the side of the window, to navigate bird tactile.  觀鳥屋內。環境較暗,唯一的光源來自長橫的木窗口。從窗望出去可以勉強見到有水、陸地和一片綠色。一位義工正向一位坐在窗邊的參加者講解觸感圖的使用方法。 (3) 有兩隻手正在觸摸紅樹林的觸感圖 Two hands touching on Tactile

Project Components 項目內容

The Project consists of 2 main phases:

  • FREE Multisensory Exploration Sessions in nature (January – August 2021)
    • Multisensory eco-tours allow VIs, their caretaker and family member to experience nature together, with a series of specially designed multi-sensory assistive materials and activities. 
    • Including 2-way coach service.
    • The venue of the tour will be different according to the season:
    • For tour dates details, please go to Eco-Tours Schedule page
  • FREE Eco-tour Guide Training (October 2021 – March 2022) for selected VI participants only
    • 8 VI will be trained as an eco-tour guide. Accessible materials will be provided throughout the intensive trainings.
    • A series of assessments and evaluations will be conducted after the completion of trainings. 
    • All qualified training participants will be offered a Part-time Eco-tour Guides employment officially by WWF-Hong Kong to share the beauty of nature to people regardless of their vision.
    • For Training details, please go to Eco-Guide Training Description page

After these two phrases, there will be an Exhibition of Achievements illustrating the process of the programme and the achievements of VIs.


  • 多感官大自然探索 (2021年1月-8月)
    • 一系列多感觀生態導賞團,讓視障人士及其照顧者都可以享受其中。
    • 免費參加,包括來回旅遊巴接送服務。
    • 我們的導賞團會因應不同季節,到不同地點進行體驗:
    • 詳細日期請到導賞團時間表頁查詢
  • 生態導賞員培訓 (2021年10月-2022年3月)
    • 8位視障朋友可以參與WWFHK主辦的生態導賞員訓練課程。課程設有無障礙教材。
    • 完成訓練並透過考試後,學員就可成為WWFHK的正式半職導賞員,帶領視障和健視朋友一同認識香港獨有的大自然景物,提昇大眾對大自然的關愛意識。
    • 培訓細節請到生態導賞培訓簡介頁查詢



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